The “Freight belongs on rail” green container will purify the air where it is installed.

The type of system or coating that has been applied to the container achieves decontamination thanks to photocatalysis, a process inherent to nature.

The “Freight belongs on rail” initiative, after passing through Valencia, Alicante and the Rail Live fair, will continue its tour of new Spanish cities in the coming months of 2022.

The “Freight belongs on rail” container will not only carry sustainability on its exterior with its message, but the paint covering it will also purify the air in the place where it is installed.

This decontamination will be possible thanks to a range of intelligent paints or a novel system that combines aesthetic and protective solutions and also forms a clear, durable and thin 40 nanometre mineral film that provides durability, cleanliness and air purification.

How does a paint make the air cleaner?

It does so by means of photocatalysis, nature's own principle of decontamination. When sunlight hits the painted surface, it generates an oxidation process that eliminates the usual pollutants, thus purifying and cleaning both the painted surfaces and the surrounding environment.

PurifAir eliminates the usual pollutants in the atmosphere, such as NOx (nitrogen oxide, vehicle combustion), Sox (sulphur oxide, coal combustion) or VOCs (volatile organic compounds).