3. Jan. 2023

Good(s) Cause

DB Cargo delivers equipment and technology to the Channel Aid concert by Wincent Weiss in Hamburg climate-friendly via rail.

5. Dec. 2022

The trucks are flying again

Just in time for the pre-Christmas season, Flying Trucks is going into the second round.

1. Dec. 2022

Christmas mail by rail

100,000 parcels are transported by each of our DHL special trains during the Christmas season. Support for Santa Claus and his reindeers.

19. Oct. 2022

Refreshingly sustainable rail network

DB Cargo connects 14 Coca-Cola production and logistics sites with 19 rail lines.

23. Sep. 2022

KARGO x DB Cargo

Kraftklub performs release concert at DB Cargo shunting yard Halle.

23. Sep. 2022


DB Cargo delivers beer and festival equipment in a climate-friendly way.

17. Aug. 2022

Model locomotives for Ukraine

An impressive donation of 58,600 euros handed over to the DB Stiftung (Foundation).

12. Aug. 2022

DPD relies on rail

Maiden voyage for DPD shipments with DB Cargo in Kombiverkehr's network.

28. Jul. 2022

Earth Overshoot Day

As of today, the earth's resources are depleted for 2022.

27. Jul. 2022

Hermes parcels transported by freight train

Pilot project for more sustainable parcel transport launched. 

18. Jul. 2022

Flying Trucks

We can reduce CO2 emissions from lorries by up to 80% by transferring them from road to rail.

3. Jun. 2022

Heavy Metal

DB Cargo supplies the German festival Rock am Ring in a climate-friendly way.

31. May. 2022

Yellow is green

DHL offers private customers environmentally friendly shipping option by rail with DB Cargo.

23. May. 2022

Even more supporters!

Already over 25.000 people support our initiative.

18. May. 2022

Of change, innovations and visions:

DB Cargo presents "Global Vision 2045" film.

4. May. 2022

We are more and more!

We are happy about more than 20.000 supporters of our initiative.

2. May. 2022

Here we go again!

Cargo Montag is returning to the rails and to the TV programme.

16. Apr. 2022

One year of freight belongs on rail

Our green climate ambassadors celebrate their first birthday. 

17. Mar. 2022

Modular, flexible, fast

The new m2 freight wagon generation is ready for series production. 

7. Mar. 2022

On the green path

DB Cargo starts test run with biofuel HVO.

2. Mar. 2022

Rail Bridge Ukraine

DB Cargo and DB Schenker start aid transports to the Ukraine.

17. Feb. 2022

Single-wagon transport gets its own product logo

Common logo for a stronger identification.

7. Feb. 2022

Making battery logistics possible

Automotive Logistics Center opened in Bremen.

19. Jan. 2022

Digital automatic coupling revolutionizes rail freight transport

Train begins test journey through Europe.

27. Dec. 2021

The Guess the Weight train has left the station

We would like to thank more than 100,000 participants in the competition.

7. Dec. 2021

Vaccinations are good(s)


6. Dec. 2021

DB Cargo Schwergewichteln competition launched

Join in now, make your best guesses. Win big prizes.

1. Dec. 2021

Parcels with quality seal

DHL and DB Cargo are joining forces to promote climate-friendly logistics

29. Oct. 2021

Mercancias al tren

Freight belongs on rail now also in Spain.

18. Oct. 2021

Freight belongs on rail

Campaign also takes off in Great Britain.

22. Jun. 2021

Awesome! Please keep it up

The initiative is growing and growing: already 15,000 supporters!

26. May. 2021

Interim balance: Great!

Maybe the beginning of something big: 10,000 supporters.

20. Apr. 2021

A good start

Join in now, make your best guesses. Win big prizes.

16. Apr. 2021

A strong message

Our green containers are located in 7 German cities.

16. Apr. 2021

First goal achieved

DHL and DB Cargo are joining forces to promote climate-friendly logistics

Freight belongs on rail.

1. Enabling companies to make their supply chains as low-emission as possible.

We have created a high-speed rail freight system – a network of connections that run between Germany's main economic hubs several times a day. Thanks to these trains, we can provide companies and society as a whole with eco-friendly and sustainable supply services that take goods and freight to almost every corner of Germany. Our trains make it possible to cut CO2 emissions by almost 80 % compared to lorries.

2. Making climate-friendly logistics easier.

We are investing in the automation and digitalisation of our infrastructure to speed up the entire logistics chain, from booking to final delivery. Digital information systems make green logistics as easy as online shopping, from booking through to final delivery.

3. Combining rail and road in a smart way.

No one form of transport is perfect in every situation. Unfortunately. The real game changer for sustainable mobility is a logistics chain that uses the right transport option for each stage. This way, it is possible to combine the environmental benefits of rail with the flexibility of roads: eco-friendly trains handle the long section of a route between terminals, while lorries are used only on the "last mile" between our terminal and the customer's premises. Our goal is to expand this combined transport network so that CO2 emissions in the transport sector are halved by 2030. This is equivalent to taking a large coal-fired power plant offline every year.

Germany needs Strong Rail

For the climate

We want to cut CO2 emissions by 10.5 million tonnes every year. We can do this if we shift more freight to the green rail network.

For Europe

We connect Europe. With a strong rail network. With more employees, more destinations, more trains, more services.

For the economy

Trains can transport goods quickly and safely. They can help us to meet our sustainability targets and deliver on our promises to decarbonise transport.

For people

The more goods we transport by train, the more everyone's quality of life improves. This means less particulate matter in the air, less time spent stuck in traffic, less need for roadworks on motorways. 

Questions & answers

If I sign up, how safe is my data and what will it be used for?

We will only use your details to provide you with information about the campaign.

How does the environment benefit when companies use different modes of transport to move freight?

We want to combine transport services in an intelligent, environmentally sustainable way. Lorries, for instance, are good for transporting goods on the final leg of a journey. And they make our green logistics services attractive to companies that don't have their own private sidings. 

Why now?

Moving more goods to trains is hardly a new idea. But global warming has made the issue more urgent than ever before. This is our last chance to do something.

Why have you started a initiative? And why should I support it?

We believe that there isn't enough focus on green logistics in current climate debates despite the crucial role it plays. We want to change this. We can achieve a lot if we get enough support.

Why does freight belongs on rail?

Transporting more goods by train means we can take the pressure off roads, reduce emissions and protect the climate for future generations.

How can I join the Freight Belongs on Rail initiative?

Go to our website and sign up with your name and email. This way, we can keep you informed and at the same time show the world how many people support green logistics.