Where is actually ...?

Grüne Container auf Deutschlandtour.

Have you ever wondered what happened to the green freight-belongs-on-rail containers? Our steel ambassadors for climate protection are of course still in use to promote rail transport. And all over Germany.

The one above, for example, is currently in Ulm, more precisely at the container terminal in Ulm Dornstadt, where it continues to support our campaign as part of the ANITA project. ANITA stands for "Autonomous Innovation in Terminal Operations" and was presented to interested media representatives on site in Ulm over the past few days.

ANITA is an important building block on the way to automating transport processes in combined transport, which is one of the strongest growth markets within the entire freight transport sector. As part of the project, a fully automated truck is being developed and tested in real logistics operations at the DUSS Terminal in Ulm and at the adjacent container depot of DB Intermodal Services. "With autonomously driving vehicles, we can make the processes between the terminal and the container depot much more efficient and thus make combined transport even more attractive," says Michael Heinemann, Managing Director of DB Intermodal Services.

And the other containers? Where are they actually? Next week we'll have a look around in the north of the country. There should be one somewhere ... Where was that again? We will keep you informed.