We're very sad to say goodbye this time around.

The Guess the Weight train has left the station.

Another Christmas has come and gone and DB Cargo's Guess the Weight contest along with it. All three containers are empty once again. With heavy hearts, we offer you the final correct weight:

Including the ten Apple MacBook Pros, the third gift container weighed exactly 2,157 kg.

Thank you for your great enthusiasm and more than 100,000 submissions. All of the winners from the third round will be notified over the next few days that they'll be kicking off the New Year with a nice gift.

For everyone else, we've another important titbit to share. You can still give yourself a gift by supporting our Freights belong on rail initiative, which is working to reduce road congestion and lower CO2 levels in the atmosphere. By doing so, you'll be helping out the environment and all of us, too.