The campaign ‘Freight belongs on rail' stops over in Logroño

La Rioja hosts an initiative that aims to bring the role of the train in the future of sustainable transport closer to the citizens.

Alex Dorado, Minister of Sustainability, Ecological Transition and Spokesperson of the Government of La Rioja was present at the presentation of the campaign, showing the support of the administration for this type of transport.

The event in the city of Logroño is sponsored by Transfesa Logistics, Port de Barcelona, the Government of La Rioja, and the intermodal logistics centre ROYO, with the collaboration of the Federation of Companies of La Rioja (FER) and the Logroño City Council.

Logroño, 11 july 2022. – The Espolón Square has hosted this morning the official inauguration of the campaign ‘Freight belongs on rail’, in the heart of the city of Logroño. After passing through Valencia, Alicante, Barcelona and the Rail Live! congress, the travelling European initiative arrives in La Rioja on 11 and 12 July.

The aim of this new stop is to raise awareness among public institutions, the business sector and society of the importance of shifting freight from road to rail in order to reduce CO2 emissions in the transport sector.

The fifth stop of this initiative, which began on 29 October in Valencia, once again highlights the need to make society aware of the importance of reducing transport pollution, which is responsible for 30% of total emissions in Europe. Highlighting the urgency of adopting multimodality and the transfer of freight to the railway, with the aim of reaching the objectives set for 2030, the campaign has reminded that transporting freight by train reduces CO2 emissions by up to 80%.

Moreover, as Idoia Galindo, CEO of Transfesa Logistics, points out, the railway "reduces external costs by up to 50%, which means fewer accidents on the roads, consumes 6 times less energy and is 8 times better in terms of air pollution".

During the opening ceremony, Idoia Galindo was accompanied by Alex Dorado, Regional Minister of Sustainability, Ecological Transition and Spokesman of the Government of La Rioja, "consumers are increasingly looking for sustainable goods and products and the way we transport goods is a central part of this sustainability. The shift from mass road to rail transport will help to adapt companies to the decarbonisation of the economy".

An exhibition open to the public

During the afternoon of today, July 11th and tomorrow, July 12th, the freight container will be on display in the Espolón square where, not only will it be possible to see a freight container at street level, out of its usual location, but also to access its interior. There will be an exhibition open to the public and free of charge, where visitors will be able to learn about the advantages of transporting goods by train through images. A short film about the importance of this means of transport in the ecological transition will also be shown.

A green container that will purify the air in Logroño

The Goods on Train container will not only carry the message of sustainability, it will also bring some of the most innovative solutions to the capital of La Rioja. In this sense, the paint that covers this equipment will purify the air in the place where it is installed.

This decontamination is possible thanks to a range of intelligent paints that combine aesthetic and protective solutions and also form a clear, durable and thin mineral film of 40 nanometres that provides durability, cleanliness and air purification.

It does this through photocatalysis, nature's own principle for decontamination.

A campaign with strong support

The campaign has been very well received by companies and institutions that see the train as the solution to decarbonise transport. It has been promoted by the railway company DB Cargo and its arrival in Logroño has been sponsored by its subsidiary in Spain, Transfesa Logistics, as well as the Government of La Rioja, the Port of Barcelona, and the intermodal logistics centre ROYO. 

The collaboration of the Federation of Companies of La Rioja (FER) and the Logroño City Council has also made this stop in the capital of La Rioja possible.

The ‘Freight belongs on rail’ initiative has many other supporters such as Renfe Mercancías, Synergy, Eurocontainer, Ermewa, Medway, Port of Valencia, Stadler Valencia, Adif, Anecooc, Valencia City Council, AM FRESH Group, the European Parliament, the Fundación de los Ferrocarrile.

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About Transfesa Logistics:

Transfesa Logistics is the leading company in "door-to-door" logistics and sustainable freight transport solutions. Formed by more than 1,200 highly qualified professionals, its differential strategy is based on a deep knowledge of the railway sector. Transfesa Logistics is currently the leading private rail operator in Spain. It also has the most extensive transport network in Europe, backed by its solid alliance with DB Cargo, the leading international transport and logistics company.

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