Hamm has a new green landmark.

Green containers on tour in Germany.

One has now been spotted and is casting a long shadow here, and not just because of its size: One of our green heavyweights has arrived in Hamm and been placed prominently in the second largest canal port. Why now in the middle of North Rhine-Westphalia? And why now of all times? Well, Hamm is going to completely reposition and develop itself in terms of climate-friendly transport (more on this shortly).Container_Hafen_II.jpgBecause Hamm has it all: Europe's largest marshalling yard until 1990 offers the largest contiguous railway area in Germany: 325 kilometres of tracks, 1100 points, 160 signals, 20 signal boxes. A total area of over 85 hectares. No wonder they think big here and we are planning a real multi-hub North Rhine-Westphalia here. And our green container? Well, it shows what's going to happen here in the future: goods belong on the rails.