All points to a big "Wow"!

We didn't dare to hope for it and are overjoyed that Cargo Monday 2022 has surpassed last year's success. On TV alone, the four game shows attracted more than 10 million viewers. In total, 50 percent more people, namely about 270,000 people, took part in the competition than in 2021.

We would like to congratulate all the winners once again and wish you lots of fun with your prizes.

We would like to thank all our brand partners, both established and new, who are setting a good example for the climate and helping to get even more goods on rail.

Many, many thanks also to all the people who have joined our "Freight belongs on rail" initiative. Thanks to our Cargo Monday campaign, the initiative has grown by 25 percent to almost 27,000 supporters, with about 7,800 new supporters of our initiative.

Simply great, keep it up!